User guide

A user guide is an aditional informations source which usually comes in the form of a handbook containing short and specific informations or instructions about certain topics, like configurations, troubleshouting, recycling, etc. Informations represented in diffrent forms like text, tabels, images, video, etc.

In the GuidefAi platform we recomand by default five guides wich you can complete with your informations. These guides are:

  • Assembly, 
  • Operations, 
  • Troubleshouting,
  •  Safety&Warnings,
  •  Recycling.

In this form the guides are valuable because they offers easy access to specific informations whithout the need of searching in for the topic in user manuals with dozens of pages. 

For building the guides you have to acces our guides editor that makes available for you a structure and  databases with standardized icons. 

See how to do it in the “Build your user guides”.